It is important to be active and in motion to keep residents toned so they can maintain the benefits of Physical therapy. Our Restorative Nursing Program staff are specially trained to move and exercise the residents to keep them as strong as possible which will help residents to maneuver more safely throughout their day.


A positive uplifting atmosphere has a great impact on ones enjoyment of life.  The mission of our Activities Department is to create an individual program that encourages the highest level of quality, dignity and independence in all segments of ones life.  Each program is customized to fit the likes and interests of you or your loved one.  Our beautiful center has a large community room and fireplace and a landscaped backyard where we have BBQ’s, parties, celebrations, musical events, games, hobbies and crafts and much more.  We have an onsite computer IT person to help with connectivity of residents who want to use their computer devices while staying at Meadowood.  Free internet and cable is offered. Religious services are provided and respect is always given to personal beliefs and traditions.


Our Social Services Department offers a wide range of assistance to each resident and is an advocate of Residents Rights.  We want residents to stay engaged in life even while a disability can make things more challenging.  We provide many resources whether its help with mail, understanding forms, applying for benefits all the way to connecting with family and friends or going to church or other outside interests.  This is a place where you can get help with most everything.  Keeping engaged in life and exercising your rights is the primary focus of this department.


The dining experience is a vital part of happiness and good health for anyone whether in a nursing home or at home.  We are dedicated in providing delicious, nutritionally balanced and specialized diets to our residents.  Good nutrition is a large part of recovery and maintaining good health along with emotional well-being.  Our Certified Dietary Manager and professional kitchen staff make it their pride to prepare a diet that has variety and tastes good.  We do our best to accommodate the unique preferences of every person to make this a satisfying experience.


Our Financial Department is available to help you with any financial concerns or questions.  We can apply for benefits of coverage, assistance with forms, mail and applying for Medi-Cal if needed.  Resources are available to assist with the cost of medical care for a nursing facility stay.  A Resident Trust account is also available to all of our residents free of charge.


We also have a fully staffed Laundry, Housekeeping, Janitorial and Maintenance Department who work endlessly to keep our facility beautiful and clean.Our grounds are well kept and there for the full enjoyment and use of the residents.